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Space Engineering Seminar

Student presentation list

Date Presenter Title PDF Link
2017 December 7 Muhammad Hasif Bin Azami Spacecraft Inspired by OrigamiClick here
2017 October 12 Yigit CayScientific Satellite Applications for Exploration of Outer SpaceClick here
2017 September 7 Joven C. Javier“Local BIRDS Program” Implementing the concept of BIRDS lean satellite development in local countryClick here
2017 August 24 Isai Fajardo TapiaNew applications in space, a review of methods, trends and technologies for growing new industries in spaceClick here
2017 July 13Rahmi Rahmatillah Space-Based Solar FarmingClick here
2017 June 8ADRIAN C. SALCESPotential Use of Nanosatellites for Store-and-Forward based Remote Data Collection SystemsClick here
2017 May 11Jesus Gonzalez LlorenteSearching for efficient electrical power systems for small satellitesClick here
2017 April 13Marcos Hernandez HerreraFeasibility of 3D printed materials into Space useClick here
2017 March 9 Mohamed Elhady KeshkConcurrent Design FacilityClick here
2016 October 13Guillermo Wenceslao Zarate SeguraLatin American aerospace historyClick here
2016 November 10Syahrim Azhan bin IbrahimAsteroid Mining- A review of methodsClick here