United Nations/Japan Long-term Fellowship Programme "Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST)"

Developing countries that in the past have mostly focused on applications-oriented aspects of space technology are increasingly also interested in building indigenous capacities for basic space technology development. A nano-satellite development program is an ideal first-step to establish such a basic capacity. Experience gained through on-the-job training, going through the complete cycle of designing, building and testing a satellite, is crucial to gain this capacity. To fill that demand there is a need for educational institutions to offer appropriate on-the-job training opportunities.

Kyushu Institute of Technology and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs launched a long-term fellowship programme on nano-satellite technologies for post-graduate level students from developing countries or non-space-faring nations. The first students supported by the fellowship programme enrolled in Kyushu Institute of Technology on October 1st, 2011. Since October 2013, the fellowship programme has covered Master and Doctoral Programs. Six students (three for Master and three for Doctor) can obtain the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship (Research Students).

Under PNST, the students will enroll in the Space Engineering International Course, a newly established graduate course from April 2013 at the Graduate School of Engineering. The students work in the Centre for Nanosatellite Testing, which can handle a full range of environmental tests required for a 50cm-class nano-satellite. Because all tests can be conducted with the facilities available inside the campus, intensive and efficient cycles of designing, building and testing become possible.

Information on the fellowship programme is available at the UNOOSA website,


The completed application forms have to be submitted to the Post-graduate study on Nano-Satellite Technologies (PNST) no later than 23:00 9 January 2023 (JST) for students starting in October 2023.

If you have further questions, please contact

Mengu Cho, Ph.D.

- Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology

- Director, Laboratory of Lean Satellite Enterprises and In-Orbit Experiments (LaSEINE)

- Program Director, Space Engineering International Course (SEIC)

- Principal Investigator, BIRDS Project (BIRDS)

E-mail: cho.mengu801_at_mail.kyutech.jp (replace"_at_"by@)

For inquiries regarding PNST, please write to this

email address: pnst_at_space-kyutech.net (replace"_at_"by@)

Address your message to "PNST Administration".