Center for Nanosatellite Testing

Center for Nanosatellite Testing

About Center for Nanosatellite Testing

Kyushu Institute of Technology established Center for Nanosatellite Testing (CeNT) on the Tobata Campus on July 7, 2010. CeNT is made of facilities specialized in the space environmental testing for a nanosatellite up to 50cm and 50kg. To verify operation in the extreme environment quite different from those on the ground, various environmental tests are required. There has been no test institution capable of providing all the environmental tests for nanosatellite developers, making entry to the space field through nanosatellite development difficult. The center has test apparatus such as thermal shock, out-gas measurement, thermo-optical measurement, vibration, antenna pattern, thermal vacuum, and the thermal cycle, etc. A great deal of time and money can be saved by conducting all of these tests at one test facility. In addition, the traceability and consistency of the test data can be assured.

Optimum Balance

The key to successful nanosatellite development is striking the right balance between cost, delivery time, and reliability.In the environmental testing area, CeNT can help you achieve that crucial balance by sharing our years of experience with testing, and with our involvement in international standards setting. Please discuss with us what you need to get done.

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